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10 Ways to Give Your Home an Organizational Overhaul!

We’ve all had the experience of walking into the house after work, kicking off our shoes and then “tripping” over yet another pile of clutter. In this article I will provide 10 ways to give your home an organizational overhaul from start to finish!

1: Buy organizing products (Camis, totes, etc.)

2: Declutter by category (Clothes, books, etc.)

3: Create a pile for every room

4: Set aside time weekly to maintain order

5: Make sure each room has a place for everything

6: Get rid of one in five items you have

7: Go through each item you haven't used in a year and get rid of it or put it back where it belongs (the closet, in the attic, etc.)

8: Clean off your counters and other surfaces

9: Clean out your drawers and cabinets.

10. Get rid of garbage.

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